Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

The fastest and organic way to get high quality traffic to a website is through Search Engine Marketing. What one needs is real clicks that can be achieved in order to get optimum results through AdWords, good analytics insights and click to call tracking. We offer transparency when giving our customers management fee on our Paid per click (PPC) Campaigns. That way our customers are able to maximize returns all the while controlling their costs.

Getting additional website traffic using SEM

Your website may be esthetically appealing with the right content and controls but you may not be getting enough traffic to the site. The fact remains that in order to bring quality website traffic on your site requires more than just a flashy website. What you require is quality leads that can be converted to conversations and eventually sales. You need superior quality content that can offer real value to people visiting your site. You require website content that is completely and truly Search engine optimized. What you may be wondering at this point is “What is SEO?” SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization means having content that contains the right keywords that your potential clients and search bots are targeting on major search engines. Thus, having the right content can play a significant role in your websites success.

Marketing Basics using Search Engines

Not many people understand the basic difference between Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. SEO or search engine optimization work entails creating content and site in a way that includes the right keywords for the business or service being provided in order to attract more traffic online. SEM or Search Engine Marketing includes keyword targeting content as well as google adwords, pay per click programs and other technical aspects to achieve best possible search engine ranking for your webpage and thus better ranking for your website.

Does SEM strategy work?

Search Engine Marketing can be quite effective and profitable. If you invest in search engine optimization and the right strategies for SEM, it can pay off really fast. If your website is on the front pages of Yahoo, Google or Bing, then chances are very high that you have a good SEO effort and campaign going. But in most cases, when a website is launched initially, organically it takes time to come up. If you are not on the top pages, you are losing a lot of potential customers because most people do not go past the first three pages of search results. This is where effective SEM comes handy. It can help you generate leads and insights that can help gain your target client base, getting higher flow of traffic to our site which would not be possible otherwise. This helps to increase website traffic and possibly convert to sales and thus lead to profits.

What our Search Engine Marketing services entail

We have a highly dedicated team of SEM experts that have the knowledge and skill sets required to offer our customers top notch service that will lead to successful campaigns. We have years of experience in the field and have accumulated the knowledge that goes into designing successful SEM projects and campaigns for our clients. We analyze and understand your business and website target, and then provide customers with services that target selection of effective keywords, successful adword campaigns and pay per click for your particular niche in the industry. Our goal is to help you get to the first three pages of major search engines. This will lead to higher volume of traffic to your business website and therefore increase in sales as well as profits.

Why Hire Mansoor Tech for your online marketing Needs?

Contant flow of customers

With SEM, you get a constant flow of new and potential customers day in and day out through targeted advertising and pay per click campaigns.

Get results that are visible

With our SEM, you get reports on what your investment has achieved. The process is transparent and you can clearly see what is going on.

Raise your Marketing ROI

With our SEM efforts, our customers get to experience high return on investment. You may feel like you are paying a lot but that payment goes into getting new clients that increase your profits.